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The SUPERSTEP ORTHOTIC from KLM Labs is made of the same material that prescription orthotics are made of. The "poly grade" shell allows for optimum support without the bulkiness of store bought arch supports which means it will fit in a greater variety of shoes.


1. If your shoe size is a half size order the orthotic size at the next smallest size, because if you order it to the next larger size it may not fit length-wise in all your shoes.

2. If you weigh over 175 pounds I would recommend the MAXIMUM firmness for all foot conditions.

3. for heel and arch pain I would recommend the MAXIMUM firmness regardless of your weight.

4. for diabetic foot protection, and flat feet either the MILD or MEDIUM firmness unless you are over 175 pounds.

5. for all other conditions the MEDIUM firmness unless you are over 175 pounds.

6. in all fairness, if you have extremely rigid flat feet this type of orthotic will probably not help (you are a candidate for prescription orthotics)

7. The SUPERSTEP ORTHOTIC will fit in all athletic shoes, boots and most shoes. The only exception would be high style dress shoes.

8. These orthotics may be ordered with metatarsal pads if your foot condition requires metatarsal pads.

They are sold in pairs, so a quantity of one means one pair

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