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Regenecare HA

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A great product for "winter itch", the dryness that occurs due to cold weather and the drop in humidity. This causes our skin to dry out particularly in the lower legs. This can be uncomfortable for anyone but those who suffer from diabetes or poor circulation run a greater risk of infection from the constant scratching of dry areas. Eventually the skin breaks open and may get infected.

Most "anti-itch" medication contains cortisone cream. The problem with chronic use of cortisone is that it tends to thin out your skin which make the skin more susceptible to breaking open.

Regenecare HA contains no cortisone, but instead contains 2% lidocaine (a cousin of novocaine) which numbs the skin and removes the itch, thus removing the urge to scratch.

Reneecare HA is further useful in the management of:

Dermatological Problems

* Radiation reactions
* Abrasions and skin tears
* Burns and cuts
* Dry and moist desquamation

Why they work:

* 2% Lidocaine HC l reduces pain, inflammation, breaks ""itch and scratch"" cycle
* Medium molecular weight polysaccharides in Aloe Vera reduce inflammation, moisturize plus stimulate micro-circulation and immune factors to help heal wounds quickly
* Marine collagen acts as humectant, natural barrier.
* RegenecareHA contains hyaluronic acid which donates moisture to the cells, connects fibrin to build skin matrix effectively


* Cleanse the irritated area to remove extraneous material.
* Apply to dry, painful skin or tissue three times a day or as needed to assist in pain relief and provide a moist environment for healing.

Non Prescription
Contains Hyaluronic Acid, an active anti-inflammatory with powerful moisturizing properties

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